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Spanish Food Solutions is a marketing management and sales company that focuses on food-service, marketing, and retail of Hispanic products. Our company is becoming one of the most diversified commodity mixes in the industry. We maintain a very diverse product line which includes frozen Hispanic food products such as, tostones, sweet plantain slices, yuca fries, burritos, tortillas, and a variety of sausages. Among those we also have available a complete International product spice line by American Spice and energy beverages such as, Gladiator X-TREME Energy Drinks. We possess the potential to develop an allegiance with other companies to benchmark their responsiveness, loyalty, and quality with customers and other organizations. The Spanish Food Solutions marketing management group offers customers and clients in each of these commodity areas expertise and unique service capabilities in expediting shipments to our customers and clients. Please feel free to browse our product catalog and become acquainted with our product line. Select the tab that best describes you so that you can learn more on how you can benefit by doing business with us. If you are a manufacturer of Hispanic products, then we would be glad to design a marketing program for your specific application, be it retail or food service. If you are a distributor, we can serve your needs by providing you with a wide range of Hispanic products to serve your customers. If you are a retailer, we can tailor a custom marketing program through our distributors to make available to you our quality products. If you are a consumer, you can find our products pre-packaged in supermarkets and served in the finest restaurants. If you are an institutional or military organization, we can accommodate your specific food needs.

Spanish Food Solutions

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